Designer DIY... in only 3 weeks of wedding planning!

After pressing immigration issues, my husband and I eloped 7 days after we decided to get married (which is the amount of time it takes to get approved for a marriage license in Minnesota). Please don't get me wrong, this is actually a love story!... but after being married before, we both really didn't believe that marriage was a necessity. In my experience, marriage, if it ends, ends up being more of a legal 'circumstance' that unfortunately has nothing to do with love. We didn't intend to invite anyone to the courthouse for the ceremony, but we are so very fortunate for friends that refused to miss the event. A few days later, as word spread, we received many congratulations which were always attached to friend's and family's disappointment for not being there to celebrate with us. With that, I decided to plan a celebration!

Being in the wedding industry, I was about to approach the busy season for work and I realized that I would have to plan a wedding celebration in only 3 weeks. Plus, we married so quickly that we didn't even have time to find wedding rings. Since Tradition was completely out the door already, a vows and ring exchange celebration would be the perfect forum for our multicultural fusion. I focused on a small gathering of friends and family that I could prepare food for, entertain and share in the celebration of love. In absence of my husband's family, I really wanted to make my husband feel welcome into my life and I wanted to prepare the ambiance and a menu that would remind him of home. 

I didn't even think twice about the actual undertaking of doing all of this!! To me, it was a labor of love in all aspects. I love making beautiful things...from food to flowers and pretty much everything in between. In a matter of days, I dreamed up a magical plan that, with the help of my mom, included a homemade 5-course Pakistani-American fusion meal for 40 people. Invitations were sent out with a two week notice, henna artist was booked, I found a dress, my mom and I hand sewn a veil with imported trimmings and I arranged details that take most bride's months and months to handle. It was a busy time!

Maybe, I should have started this blog out with a warning, "Attempt at your own risk". I would absolutely NOT recommend this to anyone WITHOUT professional experience. This had definitely brought me to the edge of my abilities, but that is also something that I have professional experience with. We all do in the wedding industry! We often go to the brink of human abilities, WILLINGLY, for the couples that we work with. After all, this is what we do for love.

On that note, Happy Anniversary to my amazing husband! Let's continue to make every day a beautiful adventure!

Photography by Athena Pelton 

Floral and Design by Grace Klein

Tables, chairs, pipe and drape, charger plates by Apres Party and Tent Rental

Linens, centerpiece risers, furniture rental, flatware by Linen Effects

Menu Card by Minted

Mansion Life...Dreams from Beyond

The walls whisper notes from the past and our imagination runs wild imaging the lives of those who have lived in historic mansions. It's time to recreate a story of fine dining in an avant garde interior. With the bold pink walls and green accented trim, this room is the setting of a fantasy from the 18th century, where we indulge on pastries and champagne with the likes of Marie Antoinette. Tall dramatic floral rises atop a table set for the lovers of decadence. Soft, cotton candy pink pairs so beautifully with the shimmer of pale gold damask lace. Patterned china and gold dinnerware pair so perfectly on this table. The entire look of this table and the setting of the room inspire us to awaken from the ordinary and step into the extraordinary. 

Floral and iPhone photos by Grace Klein

Linens and table setting by Linen Effects 

Bold and Beautiful...La Table d'inspiration Francaise

The table with two-parted inspiration begins with the stubbornly seasonal coral peony and is accented with French-inspired details. A year ago, when coral peony was last in season, I was dreaming of all of its beautiful potential. With it's dramatic color and exceptional bloom size, I imagined a bold design. Navy blue is the perfect complimentary color to coral and a white and navy striped table cloth would certainly add the bold element that I was hoping for while a blue toile napkin added sophistication. Paired with gold and the Louis XIV inspired white centerpiece riser and clear acrylic ghost chairs, the look begins to reflect a modern version of Versailles. 

Accents of yellow, purple, pinks and greens add to the uplifting spring essence. Both exciting and elegant, this look makes such a statement, "Je t'aime bold et belle!". Pink garden roses always enhance the romance while bright yellow cloony ranunculus brighten the mood. Draping greens allow me to imagine dancing in a french meadow of flowers with a soft breeze steering my imagination towards mon amour.

The most perfect addition to this table is the incredibly gorgeous lettering of the menu cards created by Etleterra. Like writing poetry, the words of food appeal to the words of love. Love is certainly felt in the individually scripted menu cards lettered in iridescent blue which look as if the bride wrote individual love notes to each guest.

Bold, beautiful and detailed with love, our French-inspired table beckons romance. We reveal our romantic side in this table design. 


Design, Floral, Styling and Photos By Grace Klein


Linens, Place Setting, Chairs and Risers available at Linen Effects


Menu Cards and Place Card by Etlettera