A Fairy-Tale Ending

For those who know me well, it is no surprise that a Fairy-Tale ending means something completely different. When my Egyptian-American bride, Hend, announced that her family and her Afghan-Amercan groom's family were now ready to celebrate their bi-cultural marriage, to me it was a United Nation's version of Cinderella! Throughout the planning process I was all too aware that this wedding was truly intended to be celebrated on SO many levels. The grandeur of the event needed to represent this. The floral was monumental in size and beauty while still remaining sleek and modern, with crystals draping everywhere, sequin sparkle table cloths and jewel encrusted vases. Hend's signature pop of color was called Firecracker Coral and it was represented well, as an accent in excellent proportion. 

Hend would always say, "Inshallah!"...her wedding would happen and be accepted. And I am so grateful because I know that she wishes the same for me.