Mansion Life...Dreams from Beyond

The walls whisper notes from the past and our imagination runs wild imaging the lives of those who have lived in historic mansions. It's time to recreate a story of fine dining in an avant garde interior. With the bold pink walls and green accented trim, this room is the setting of a fantasy from the 18th century, where we indulge on pastries and champagne with the likes of Marie Antoinette. Tall dramatic floral rises atop a table set for the lovers of decadence. Soft, cotton candy pink pairs so beautifully with the shimmer of pale gold damask lace. Patterned china and gold dinnerware pair so perfectly on this table. The entire look of this table and the setting of the room inspire us to awaken from the ordinary and step into the extraordinary. 

Floral and iPhone photos by Grace Klein

Linens and table setting by Linen Effects